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Getting Here

There are several ways of getting to Canoa from both Quito and Guayquil.

The Bus:  From Quito there is a direct executive bus that runs from Qutio to Santo Domingo to Pedernales to Canoa.  The bus company is Renia Del Camino and they have recently opened so just stop by the terminal in Quito to ask for departure times.  The cost from Quito to Canoa is around $9.00 by bus.  From Guayquil you would take a direct bus to Bahia de Caraquez, and from Bahia either take a taxi or a boat ride to San Vicente, and from there a taxi or a bus.

At the Surf Shak we can arrange a taxi to pick you up at the airport in Quito and bring you directly to the beach.  The cost of this is $190/taxi and it takes about 6 hours to make it from the capital to our little fishing village.  This is our preferred method of travel because you can stop when you want and there are some great restaurants and stunning scenery crossing the Andes. A taxi from Guayquil to Canoa will cost around $130.  To book a taxi call the Shak (0981011471) or email us:

You can fly into Manta from Quito or Guayquil as well.  The cost varries throughout the season but the ticket will be around $65.00.  Sometimes there are specials and they can be found for less.  To get from Manta to Canoa is a $40.00 cab ride or a $4.00 bus ride.

However you get here if you have any questions or would like to book a local driver, just contact the Surf Shak and we can arrange everything.

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