Great Drinks and Amazing Hangovers

Copa Canoa 2011 FAI2 Paragliding Competition

Copa Canoa 2011

Good video…might want to put it on mute.

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Flying with the Surf Shak

This is the best time of the year for flying on the coast in Canoa.  We’ve been getting in the clouds and crossing from the “small” launch to Punto Napo and back to Canoa.  Amazing conditions.

There is also a paragliding competition in Canoa on the 10th and 11th of September that will host 45 pilots. Come down and join us for some fun.

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The Surf Shak Canoa Ecuador

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Canoa Ecuador

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Canoa Ecuador…..Keith Carlsen aka Brad Pitt

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Surf Shak photo update of Canoa Ecuador

Recently a photographer by the name of Keith Carlsen showed up in Canoa.  We’ve decided to trade services, a surf board for a couple of shots from his fancy camera.  Enjoy and more to come.

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A beautiful beach in Ecuador…Canoa

Canoa has been an amazing  place to be in May and it’s not over.  We’ve had  one great swell, the waves were big and glassy in the morning.  In the afternoon the wind starts to pick up and the flying turns on.  Surf in the morning and flying in the evening with a Pacific sunset……. recipe for happiness.  I had a chance to fly with a French instructor that was traveling through Ecuador on a paragliding trip and shot a little video.

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There is a south swell arriving on Saturday May 28th and should stay through Tuesday.  There is a seldom heard of left point break that will be sheltered from the wind “close” to Canoa.  If you happen to be in the area or see this in time, get your rear to the coast ASAP.  Stop by the Shak if you need to rent a board and we will be coordinating the transportation to the spot!

Bonus Shot

Blue Footed Boobies

Boobies in Canoa....Blue

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Friends of the Family

Fin McCool’s is an Irish Pub located near Plaza Fosch in the mariscal of Quito.  They have great food, stiff drinks, and a great atmosphere.  It is THE spot to catch a game because they have the HD projector and a quiz night on Tuesdays that is a lot of fun.  If your in the area don’t miss a beer at Quito’s only Irish Pub.  Finn McCools

Uncle Ho’s is a great place to catch some Asian cuisine.  It is also located near the Plaza Fosch.  They make a fierce martini and they have some great deals for happy hour.  Friendly staff and a great owner by the name of Irish Kevin. Stop by Ho’s and tell them the Shak sent you and they’ll take good care of you.

Go Carts–If you need to kill a little time in Quito, there are some awesome go-karts at the bottom of the Teleferico. The Teleferico is a gondola that takes you up Mount Pichincha and has some amazing views.  At the bottom of the gondola is a little amusement park that has a ripping go-cart track.  It’s only $5.00 and they took the governors off of the cars so they haul ass.

Papallacta Hot Springs is one of my favorite places in Ecuador.  It is set in the chilly Andes mountains and is only about an hour outside of Quito.  The accommodations are stunning.  One of the “huts” has a private hot tub, fire place and sleeps 6 people for around $200.00/night.  You can also day trip the pools and just pay $7.00 to get in for the day.  It is a special place and a great place for a date.  When you stay at the hotel you get a discount on the spa so massages come out to around $30.00 for an hour massage.  Amazing spot.

The River People are located in Tena and run a first class white water outfitting company.  They have a professional operation and it shows through their safety record.  With a variety of tours they are the one-stop-shop for having a blast in Tena.

Endless Adventure is a new outfitting company based out of Canada that runs custom kayaking tours down in Eucador in the Canadian off season.  They are a great group of people that are very familiar with the area and the ideal river levels.  They have an impressive collection of kayaks for rent as well as duckies.  If you’re interested in kayaking in Ecuador, these people are the best in the business.

Geo Tours is an adventure outfitting company located in Banos.  They have a variety of fun adventure activities to enjoy in the area.  From jumping off a 100m bridge, zip lines, rafting, kayaking, the works.  They are professional and the entire staff speaks perfect English.  With 20 years of outfitting experience they are the undisputed experts of fun in Banos.

El Marques is a great little boutique hotel with a spa and very comfortable rooms.  It is in a quiet location that is still within walking distance from the night scene.  The staff is great and the rooms include a breakfast.

El Marques

Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental is located in Quito around the Plaza Fosch.  They have a full fleet of bikes and scooters to rent with a fully loaded GPS.  The GPS has a ton of fun destinations logged and so it takes a lot of the stress out of navigation.  Just type in the destination and jump on the bike and your off.  Renting scooters in Qutio can be a great way to see the city.

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Canoa Ecuador


A lot has changed around the Surf Shak in the last 4 months.  Frans left to scout out Surf Shak 2 in Asia and is enjoying himself thoroughly .  We picked up some new partners Carl and Ludde from Angelholm Sweden.  They arrived here in October and they are fitting right in at the Surf Shak.  They’ve made some improvements to the place.  We’ve painted and built a new dorm room for guests, added some things to the menu.  I love onion rings and Swedish meatballs.  We’ve added a few signature cocktails to the menu as well, the “Fruit of the Stallion” for one.

We installed a new sound system and consequently some crazy dance parties have popped up…pics explain better than I can.

We’ve acquired a lot of new equipment to rent out.  We have 8 long boards to rent and 5 new fun boards in our fleet.  The waves have been great so far this season, including a couple of “scary” days.  We’ve averaged 2 swells a month or more in Canoa this year.

We’ve also had some amazing sunshine in Canoa, blue skies and good waves go great with bikini’s and cold beer.

Surf Shak Photo Update

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7 Seas Tattoo Shop open at the Surf Shak

The Story of Maestro Giedrius

Maestro Giedrius– 1990 graduated from Siauliai Art School. He began his needle crusade in Siauliai, in 1996 – he opens the firs tattoo studio in town “Totemas”.

In the summer of 1998, together with “Tomas Tattoo” from Panevezys, he opens the first tattoo studio in Palanga.  The same year, in February, in tattoo convention held in Vilnius club “Angaras”, maestro Giedrius won the first place in nomination “The tattoo of the evening”. In the spring of 1999, full of enthusiasm and confidence Giedrius goes to France to look for the genuine gates of tattoo and his guru. After 3 month of research to express himself, Giedrius meets a world famous tattoo foreman Christoff Cheugny aka Neusky tattoo. Neusky agrees to open tattoo secrets to Giedrius and teaches him techniques of this art.   Working in Neusky tattoo studio Giedrius quickly got acquainted with the French tattoo masters and got the opportunity to work in other cities.  Next, he began working in “Colours tattoo” in Nevers, and in winter of 2000 he began working in tattoo and piercing studio “Abraxas”, in the centre of Paris. Two years of hard work and the use of knowledge acquired from Neusky brought the popularity and success and more connections in the world of tattoo.

In winter of 2001, a tattoo convention was held in Vilnius club “Angaras”  Giedrius won the first place in “The tattoo of the day”.  In the same year, together with his teacher, he participated in the  international tattoo convention in Berlin, and established contacts with “One more tattoo” in Luxembourg.

Giedrius started working in Luxembourg tattoo studio “One more tattoo”. After a year of working in Luxembourg Giedrius steps out outside Europe, to work in South Africa, Reunion, in the study “Abraxas Run”. Half a year of work in paradise passed as one week. After returning to Europe, Giedrius established contacts with famous tattoo masters from all over the world and participated in the 10th tattoo convention in Berlin. Soon after articles and tattoo pictures started appearing the American magazine “Tattoo Magazine” and the French magazine “Tatouage Magazine”.

In 2003, Giedrius decided to go to Scandinavia and started working in Copenhagen, “Tattoos by Larsen” and “Art Factory”.

In 2003 attending Ventspils tattoo convention, Giedrius won the first place in nomination “The best color tattoo”.

In March 2004, in Vilnius “Terminalas” international tattoo convention Giedrius won:

1st place in nomination “The best tattoo composition”

1st place in nomination “The best tattoo made during the show”.

2nd place in nomination “The best black and white tattoo”.

In March 2005, in “Tango Arena” tattoo and piercing festival “Tattoo ir ritmo fiesta” Giedrius won:
1st place:  “The best small black and white tattoo”
1st place:  “The best tattoo made during the show”
2nd place:  “The best big black and white tattoo”
2nd place:  “The best tattoo on the female body”
2nd place:  “The best tribal tattoo“.
2nd place:  “The best tattoo of the evening“.
3rd place:  ’’The best crazy tattoo“.

In 2005, having gained experience and tasted needles from masters overseas and acquainted with the world of tattoo art, Giedrius returned to native Lithuania and opened a tattoo studio-shop “Angis TaTToo” in Vilnius Old Town.

In 2006 Giedrius crosses the Atlantic and visited Mexico.  He becomes acquainted with the local tattoo masters and starts working in the studio “Nomad Tattoo” in Guadalajara. Half a year working together with the Mexican masters and also ancient Aztec and Maya visual arts inspired Giedrius for further development and researching of the tattoo world.

In 2007 he goes to Asia. During this trip Giedrius worked in Thailand (Kho Pi Pi), Cambodia (Pnom). The same year Giedrius and his friend Kajus opened “Happy Tattoo” studio in 4000 Islands in Laos and successfully tattooed travelers from all over the world.

In 2008 Giedrius moved to Borneo and was interested in traditional tribal style tattoos.  He visited local tribes and new ideas swell.

While working in Borneo “Head Hunters Tattoo” in Kuching, Giedrius learned to make tattoos in the traditional way.  He acquired valuable knowledge, tools and blessing of local masters. After returning to Vilnius, in the summer of 2008, Giedrius started making tattoos using taping – traditional instruments brought from overseas.  In the same year Giedrius went on a trip to South America and started working in “Black Line Tattoo” studio in Cuzco.

After he became familiar with ancient Ink visual and tattoo art, Giedrius decides to visit the tribes living in the jungles of the Amazon. Giedrius visited the Matz Indian tribes where traditional facial tattoos are still practiced. Living with Indian tribes Giedrius with hand made instruments and paint, tattooed the chief of the tribe who decorates the chest of Giedrius with scars from frog poison as the sign of acknowledgement.

In 2009 Giedrius while in Peru he encountered “Miami Style Tattoo” and tests new Moche tattoo style. Then in the same year he travels to the Pacific Coast of Ecuador and Giedrius opens “Blue Tattoo Bar” in Montinita and tattoos surfers and all the willing.  Leaving the coast, he moved to the capital of Ecuador, Quito.  While there he successfully worked in  “Neo style Tattoo”. In February of 2009 Giedrius traveled to Colombia’s Caribbean coast, town of Taganga, together with friend’s support he temporarily opens cozy “Pirate Tattoo” studio.

Recently Giedrius has moved to our neck of the woods in Canoa Ecuador.  He is teaming up with us at the Surf Shak to open another studio.  7 Seas Tattoo is located right next to the Shak and is open for business.  With a great atmosphere that can only be improved with this addition, stop by the Surf Shak during your travels and pick up a souvenir that will last a life time.

Ecuador Tattoo

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